my interests

my special interest is the simpsons (seasons 1 - 8)


hello! my name is chess, i'm seventeen years old and i'm black
i'm a butch lesbian trans girl and i go by she/her (don't call me they/them)
i'm autistic and i have epilepsy which is mostly triggered by loud noises


hannibal (nbc, books,etc.), the young pope, prometheus/alien covenant, horror, psychological thrillers, documentaries, atonement, filth, the witch, bladerunner, star wars, lord of the rings/the hobbit trilogy, true detective (s1), evangelion, ok ko, star vs the forces of evil, metalocalypse, its always sunny in philadelphia, rick and morty, ergo proxy, wolf's rain, boku no hero academia, OPM, card captor sakura, trinity blood, nightcrawler, harry potter, trigun, naruto, berserk, star wars (original and current trilogy)


johnny the homicidal maniac, lovecraft, tolkien, welcome to nightvale (books and podcast), red dragon/thomas harris, junji ito, warriors

games & other stuff:

overwatch, animal crossing, magician's quest, stardew valley, darkest dungeon, portal (1 and 2), dark souls, bloodborne, final fantasy vii, demonology, religion, history, literature, fanfic, classical art, fantasy